Sensei Donavin is a Santa Barbara local. He spent his first ten years here, then moved with his family to Atlanta for the next nine years. He has worked as a personal trainer and a martial arts coach. Donavin has studied escrima with Dan Inosanto, (first student of Bruce Lee), Shaolin Kempo with 9th degree black belt Hanshi Jack Turner, and is a current amateur boxer.



A native of Detroit Michigan, Xena grew up traveling back and forth between her home on the east side of Detroit, where she fended off bullies, and a suburb nearby called Grosse Pointe, where she danced. In the suburb, she trained in classical ballet with her sister, and fencing with her brother. When she got into her teens, she landed several dance jobs including performances with the Macomb Ballet Company, Eisenhower Dance Detroit, Ballet Renaissance, and the Detroit Opera House. Xena was then offered a dance scholarship for Marygrove College where she stayed and performed in the company for five years while working toward her BFA. After school, Xena traveled to California in search of new opportunities and experiences. She found just that at USSD Santa Barbara.



Born and raised in Ventura county, Aaron began his martial arts career participating in CAGWA, and Tri-County wrestling tournaments where he went to the state level. After wrestling he continued in sports and other fitness activities which led him into Kempo. Since becoming a sensei, he has trained many high profile clients such as All-Pro defensive lineman Andre Carter. He also continues his training with Shaolin Kempo 9th degree black belt Hanshi Jack Turner